Pets are like family members, sharing a deep emotional bond with their owners. Whether travelling for a business meeting or a family tour, you always want them around. However, transporting your pets alone is unsafe, leading to discomfort and health risks.

Contact Super Pet Travel for your pet courier services. Our licenced and experienced workers understand the importance of pets for you and look after them in the best possible ways throughout the journey.

When Do You Hire Pet Transportation Services?

You can hire pet transfer services whenever you want to keep your pets around. You often need these services when:

Relocating: You have to relocate due to several reasons, either good or bad. When moving to a new place, you cannot leave your companion animals behind and hire experts to relocate them.

Setting on a Family Tour: A family tour is incomplete without pets, as they are like family members to owners. You must hire pet transportation specialists to take them with you.

Participating in Pet Shows and Competitions: Different pet shows and competitions are held at national and international levels. If your pet participates in these shows and competitions, you need pet transportation services to take them there.

Adopting Pets: When you adopt pets, especially during your tours, you need transportation services to bring them home.

Visiting Veterinary Clinic: When your pets get ill or injured, you need to take them to a veterinary clinic for proper treatment by hiring pet animal transportation services.

Whether you need to relocate or take your pets for medical care, our specialists are on standby to provide safe and prompt transportation services. We love pets and want the best for them. 

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Pet Transportation | What We Offer

Pet animal transport in the UK by our skilled professionals includes: 


When you hire our services, our certified workers will collect the pets from your home or any other location. We ensure the safety and well-being of your pets when you are not travelling with them.

Proper Care

We take proper care of your pets throughout the journey by:

  • Using IATA-approved crates and kennels.
  • Providing water to avoid dehydration.
  • Feeding them with the food according to their nutritional requirements.
  • Walking them in safe areas after regular intervals.

Medication (if required)

We take special care of pets who are ill and provide them with recommended medication if needed during the transit.

Bespoke Services

We provide bespoke services to meet your requirements. You can select the best-suited crate, food, and medication (if needed) for your pets during the transportation.

Why Super Pet Travel?

  • We are a DEFRA-approved and fully insured company to transport pets.
  • Our company is IPAFF-registered and EU-compliant to transport your pet across the UK and Europe via Eurotunnel.
  • Our vehicles have non-slip rubber flooring, anti-UV tinted windows, and twin side opening doors, ensuring the safety of your pets.
  • We provide comfortable by-road transport by providing your pets with a vet bed, night heater, and thermostat-controlled air conditioner.
  • We are available 24/7 for immediate pet transfer to a veterinary clinic.
  • Our workers are pet lovers, familiarising pets with them in no time. 


Pet transfer on your own can risk your animal companions health as you might not be knowledgeable about efficiently handling pets during transportation. Therefore, you must hire the services of experts. Contact us for comfortable and safe door-to-door transit of your pets.

The cost varies based on the area your pet will be transported to. However, we ensure competitive and transparent prices. You can get a free no-obligation quote to know the price ahead.

We keep our customers updated throughout the journey and provide top-notch services to satisfy them. You can track your pets journey as all our vehicles have GPS trackers. We can also send pictures of your pets during the journey.