The majority of the time, people only tend to travel with their cats when they are relocating from point A to point B or when they are attending a show. Therefore knowledge regarding traveling with cats is slim.

To help those aiming to travel with their cat, or relocate their cat to your new home, check out the blog post below.

When traveling with your cat, there are a few steps that you can take to ensure their comfort. We have broken these steps into the pre-trip, whilst on the road, and upon arrival.


Pre-Trip Prep

Firstly, ensure that you have chosen a good carry case for your cat. This case should be large enough for them to stand up, turn around in, and see out of with ease.

You can get appropriate cases from all good pet supply shops, plastic or fiberglass are the more common types of carry cases for cats.

To ensure comfort, you should line the base of their carry case with some absorbent material (such as newspaper or a training pad) before adding something familiar to the cat. This could be their bed, a frequently used blanket, or even your own jumper. The comforting smell of these items will give them extra reassurance when traveling.

It is best to introduce your cat to its carry case ahead of time, leaving it in an area of the house they frequent so they can explore it on their own terms is best. Adding food to the carry case is a good way of encouraging them to explore it.

Whilst on the Road

It is easy for cats to overheat when in cars so it’s important to avoid packing them in their carry case surrounded by lots of bags, instead ensure adequate airflow and turn up the air con.

All of our cars have air conditioning as standard for the comfort of your pets, we ensure that your pet travels in the best spot for them.

Whilst it’s tempting to let your cat out of the carry case whilst traveling so they can stretch, it’s best not to.

If your cat is a nervous traveller (or potentially could be) then it's best to speak to your vet ahead of time, they may be able to suggest a relaxer to help them sleep through the journey.

The last thing to remember whilst traveling is water! It is important to keep your cat hydrated throughout their journey. You can get small water bowls that clip inside of their carry case which ensure water is readily accessible to them whilst containing any mess that may occur due to movement of the vehicle.

Upon Arrival

When you reach your destination it is important to find a safe space for you to let your cat out of its carry case as soon as possible.

Simply open the door of the carry case when it’s safe to do so and let your cat come out in its own time. Ensuring that food and water are provided for your cat should it choose to.

Consider all escape routes, ensure that windows are closed, and perhaps even put a sign on the outside of the door to discourage people from entering.

Don’t forget the litter box, your cat is sure to need space to do its business.

Your Trip

We have escorted cats throughout the UK and Continental Europe many times and are best placed to assist you with your trip.

Our team will treat your beloved pet as their own, ensuring that the journey is as stress-free as possible.

Contact us today for a quote!

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