When travelling abroad with your dog/s it’s important that you have the necessary paperwork and that your dog is comfortable in the vehicle.

Check out our Pet Travel Checklist here to find out what paperwork your dog needs for its travels throughout the UK and Europe. 

Regarding what makes your dog comfortable when traveling in a vehicle, this really does depend on the dog. Some dogs are so confident and unbothered by anything, whilst other dogs need some reassurance. As its owner, you will know where your dog sits on this spectrum.

If your dog has never travelled in a vehicle before then we always recommend that you get your dog used to being in vehicles ahead of any long journeys. This can be as simple as introducing them to cars, being in cars, and being in moving cars a few times before the trip. Always ensuring that the experience is positive and relaxed.

Knowing what will help make your dog comfortable in a vehicle is always helpful. Some dogs find comfort in a favourite toy, a reassuring blanket, a jumper of yours to cuddle up to, or even a certain kind of music playing. We will work with you when you travel with Super Pet Travel to help create the ideal environment for your dog during its travels with us.

Please note that it is worth seeking advice from your vet should your dog be an anxious traveller.

When we travel with dog/s across the channel we only use the Eurotunnel to ensure that we are always with your dog/s throughout their journey. We find this helps to reassure any nervous pups and ensures that we can provide the best possible care for them.

We also find that it's helpful to keep to the normal routine as much as possible whilst travelling, we build in dinner times and rest times throughout the journey to fit with your dog’s normal routine.

The age of your dog also plays a factor in their journey abroad. Puppies and younger dogs can be more likely to experience travel/motion sickness, coupled with the need to expend energy more regularly, it can mean more frequent stops in the journey. Older dogs can cope with the inactivity but may need longer rest stops to give them more opportunities to stretch their legs.

With our many years of experience, we can adjust the travel experience to suit both the journey and your dog/s for ultimate comfort.

Our cars are fully air-conditioned and we ensure that we have their home comforts to hand – water bowls, food, poo bags, blanket, bed, leads, treats, toys, and any medication that they may take. We treat the pets that travel with us as our own, ensuring that they are well looked after throughout their journey.

If you are traveling abroad with your dog/s then get in touch with our team today for a quote. Our team is always happy to discuss how we can assist you with your pup's travels.

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