You might need to take your pet with you to visit a beach in summer or catch up with friends, but you feel worried about how to take your pet with you. You will be pleased to know that your pet can travel with you in public transport, including taxis, buses, or trains. However, you need to be well-prepared so that you and your pet travel with comfort and convenience without causing any disturbance for other passengers.

This guide covers things to consider before taking your pet in public transport and how to travel in public transport with them. You can also get information on how to train your pet for travelling in public transport and what to take with you for the journey.

Things to Consider Before Taking Your Pet on Public Transport

The following are some of the crucial things which you should consider before you travel with your pet on public transport:

  • You should analyse the needs, personality, and comfort level of your pet before travelling with them in public transport.
  • You should carefully check the potentially harmful factors, including weather conditions. Too hot weather can enhance the heat stroke risk, and too cold or rainy weather can impact their health.
  • Your pet should be well-behaved and listen to your commands to act accordingly, as you will be the sole responsible for handling them while travelling.
  • You should have an Assistance Dogs UK ID Book that allows all registered dogs to travel on all modes of public transport.
  • Your dog should be wearing a collar and identification tag when you take them with you in public transport.
  • You can place small pets in a suitable size carrier, and remember that 85x60x60cm is the maximum sized carrier allowed to take with you on public transport.
  • You should take enough water and food with you to keep your pet well-fed and hydrated so that they feel happy throughout the journey.
  • You should brush your pet's hair before getting into the taxi so that no fur is left behind in the vehicle.
  • You should take a large blanket for your pet to sit on in a taxi.
  • You should ensure your pet has been to the toilet before getting into the taxi to avoid any mess in the vehicle that puts you in trouble.


How to Travel in Public Transport with Your Pet?


You can travel with your cat, dog, or any other small pet by train but you should ensure they behave well and do not impose any danger to other passengers or train staff. A solo passenger can travel with two pets across the UK free of charge. You are required to keep your pet dog on a lead at the stations and while travelling by train.

On the other hand, other pet animals, including birds, domestic cats, and small animals, should be kept in an enclosed cage or carrier that ensures their comfort, safety, and security. Moreover, you should not occupy a seat for your pet, as seats are only meant for passengers.


You can travel with one domestic cat, dog, or any other small pet on a bus at a time. However, the driver may allow you to take more than one pet on the bus at a time if there is enough space and the bus is not overcrowded. If you plan to take more than one pet with you on the bus, then you can wait for the next bus if a driver does not allow you to do so.

You should ensure your pet does not occupy any bus seat and does not disturb any of the passengers. For this purpose, you must keep your dog on a lead throughout the journey and not allow them to invade the space of other people travelling in a bus. Moreover, if you notice any signs of distress in your pet dog, such as barking, cowering, or freezing, you should immediately exit the bus at the next station and calm them by taking them to a quiet place.


The decision to allow you to travel with your pet in a taxi is totally dependent on the taxi company or the driver. So, you should always ask the taxi company if they allow pets to travel with the passenger before booking a taxi with them. Some of the taxi companies have specially designed cars and pet-loving drivers, so when you inform them about your requirement of travelling with a pet, they send the taxi and driver accordingly.

You should also confirm if there are any extra charges if you take your pet with you in the taxi to avoid any hidden fees upon reaching your destination.

How to Train Your Pet to Travel in Public Transport?

  • Teach socialising to your pet so that the crowd and noise at public transport stations do not make them uneasy and uncomfortable.
  • Take your pet on short and quiet journeys to notice their behaviour in different surroundings.
  • Take your pet out when the train stops at a station so that they can do some stretching and make themselves easy.
  • Teach your pet to sit beside you so that they do not cause disturbance for other passengers in public transport.
  • Make them learn to get laid down when they feel comfortable during the journey.
  • Help your pets learn how to settle themselves in busy trains or buses where there is a lot of distraction for them.
  • Introduce them to the new environment and give them rewards if they stay calm in a new environment.

What You Need to Take with You?

If you are going to travel with your pet on public transport, you should ensure to keep the following things with you:

  • Meals
  • Water
  • Treats
  • Poo Bags

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