We travel via the Eurotunnel for all of our journeys across The Channel.

We travel via the Eurotunnel because it is the quickest way of crossing The Channel and it allows us to keep your beloved pets with us for the whole duration of their journey.

But what is this journey like?

Once we arrive at the Eurotunnel in Folkestone, Kent, we will head to check-in. The majority of their check-in lanes are automated so it’s a simple case of your driver following the steps displayed on the screen to get you and your pet all checked in.

After check-in, we will most likely head over to the pet area, depending on your and your pet’s preferences. Dogs and animals that are on the lead can head to the dedicated pet areas where they can stretch their legs and have a toilet break. These are marked in yellow so they cannot be missed. Otherwise, this time can be spent providing care and reassurance to your pets within the confines of the car.

Eurotunnel does its best to keep its pet areas clean, tidy, and welcoming for your pets, they even provide complimentary doggie poo bags if you get caught short.

When it’s time to join the Eurotunnel shuttle we will ensure that your pet is comfortable and relaxed in our airconditioned cars and head over to board the shuttle.

Whilst on the shuttle all pets must stay within the confines of the car throughout the journey. We always make sure that windows are down to ensure the car stays well-ventilated.

We keep a close eye on your pet throughout their journey, if you are travelling with your pet then we are happy to stay with your pet whilst you stretch your legs or use the toilet within the shuttle.

Once we arrive in Calais then we will disembark from the shuttle and head straight into France.

Depending on how the journey has been and whether your pet needs to stretch its legs, we can either head straight off to the destination or we can head to one of the many spots we know for a quick break before heading onwards.

The whole journey is very simple and straightforward. We have made the journey many times over the years with a wide variety of pets and their owners.

If you are looking at traveling into Europe with your pet/s then get in touch with the team here at Super Pet Travel today!

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