You can transport your cat from one location to another with experienced cat courier services. These services are specially designed for transporting your pets to the desired destination safely and securely. Taking care of everything and saving your valuable time, the professionals undertake the journeys and long trips to help you eliminate all the hassle.

Super Pet Travel provides door-to-door cat transport service via its team of specialists, ensuring a safe and smooth relocation or transfer trip. We have specially designed vehicles for by-road transport to ensure the safe travel of your cat, relieving all your stress and worries. Catering to all the needs of clients and their pets, we have been transporting pets for several years with ensured customer satisfaction.

Documentations & Other Requirements for Cat Transport

Based on the UK's legal guidelines, the following are specific requirements needed to ensure a seamless journey and your beloved pet’s safety. Super Pet Travel handles all the essential paperwork and documentation:


An updated vaccination record is required for cat transport, ensuring the administration of the F3 vaccine, which keeps the cats protected from FVRCP (Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia). By providing vaccination certificates, you can provide proof of your cat's immunisation.


It is essential to microchip your pet cat to fulfil the UK's legal requirement, it helps deal with unfortunate incidences in case your cat gets lost or strayed.

Health Certificates

Health certificates are needed to transport your cat to any international location. Certificates from a licenced veterinarian confirm your cat's good health and fitness for travelling.

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Travel Documentation

Necessary documentation, including details of your cat's microchip number, vaccination and health certificates (if applicable), and other relevant paperwork, should be on hand. Authorities require this to comply with all the regulations and ensure your cat's safety and well-being.

We Ensure the Comfort of Your Cat

We fully understand the sensitive nature of cats towards the changing environment during the transit. Our licenced professionals safely transport the cats, catering to their diverse needs, including dietary requirements, extra space requirements, or specific environmental conditions, to make them feel comfortable with a seamless experience.

Experienced in handling timid cats lacking an outgoing personality, we know how to handle the unique nature of all. To provide individualised attention and care, our certified experts undertake compassionate and gentle strategies to make cats feel safe and secure throughout their journeys.

We transport:

  • Cats
  • Kittens
  • Senior Cats

Our handlers pick your cat from your location and transport them safely to your desired destination, relieving you of the worries.

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Our DEFRA-approved and IPAFF-registered company understands your unique requirements for transporting your cat, ensuring to deliver the best possible service. Delivering exceptional customer service and quick responses to our clients, we have developed an unparalleled reputation over the years.

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Being an IATA approved company, we aim to provide a highly comfortable environment and safe journey for all pets. We duly take care of their requirements, ensuring the availability of their food and water inside their carriers or crates.

Our cat carriers are spacious and big enough for your cat to easily stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably. We have small, medium, and large cat carriers to accommodate cats of all sizes.

We allow the cats to explore the carrier gradually at their own pace and reward them with praise or treats, ensuring positive interaction with them. Our handlers close the carriers door for some time and take them for short car rides, helping them adjust and feel easy. We also ask the clients to spray a familiar scent on a blanket for us to place inside their carrier, making them feel at home.

The cost of cat transport service in the UK usually ranges from £500 to £4,000.