Are you relocating or travelling with your dog to Europe? Super Pet Travel is famous for providing dog transport in Europe. We are IPAFF-registered and available 24/7 to help transfer your beloved pet.

We specialise in transferring pets from the UK to Europe. Our IATA-approved pet courier company provides door-to-door pet transportation services.

Can I Take My Dog from the UK to Europe?

You can enter or return to the UK with your pet cat, dog or other animals if:

  • It has been microchipped.
  • It possesses a pet passport or health certificate.
  • It is vaccinated against rabies.
  • It has got a blood test done (if travelling from a country that is not ‘listed’).

We Love to Transport Your Dog as Our Own

Our certified professionals love caring for pets and are passionate about their duties.

  • We will know its size and weight to ensure your pet has a comfortable trip compartment.
  • Our pet transporters are skilled and expert animal handlers.
  • Spending the night in safe places ensures they get enough rest and food.
  • We stop to clean and give them fresh water to stay hydrated.

Tracking Your Pet

Our specialists consider safety as a core concern. During the transport of your pet, we will allow you to track our location through GPS or directly communicate with service personnel. With us and our services, we'll ensure you have a pleasant experience and feel content.

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We Provide 3 Types of Road Trips

We provide a wide range of pet transportation services keyed to your demands. Every trip we do is planned, exclusive, and focused; we don't take any detours and want to be as direct as possible.

  • Scheduled: Your pet might be able to travel with us on one of our planned journeys, depending on the timing and location; however, since we are travelling with multiple pets at once, you might need to be flexible with the dates.
  • Dedicated: We can plan a journey precisely according to the date your pet needs to go from the UK to Europe. While some other pets may join too, the travel date of your pet will be our priority.
  • Private: We may arrange a private trip for your pet if you would rather have it travel alone with our courier.

We Cover All Parts of Europe

We provide pet courier services in all European countries, such as:

  • United Kingdom
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • France
  • Switzerland
  • Norway
  • Austria

For further information, contact us or visit our official website.

24/7 Pet Courier Services

Our dog courier company is IPAFF-registered. Our fleet is fully licenced and DEFRA-approved, equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, including a thermostatically controlled air conditioner/heater with an extract system, UV windows, and non-slip, washable rubber flooring.

We know the importance of your pets, so we will keep you up-to-date on their location during transport. Contact us today for our door-to-door dog transport service in Europe.


Long-distance pet transfer services typically cost between £310 and £425 in the UK, while shorter-distance transfer services range from £138 to £270.

Yes, the pet transporters can transfer a dog too, along with other pets. Although it may cost more, a professional pet travel service can efficiently handle the logistics of your pet.

Yes, we specialise in transferring pets from the UK to Europe.

Regarding pet courier services that provide pet-friendly door-to-door service, Super Pet Travel is DEFRA-approved, tending to all major and minor aspects while transporting your pet, ensuring their exceptional care throughout the transit.