Certified Pet Taxi Services

Your cats and dogs are more than pets, and we know that. When these furry friends become family, their immediate needs become significant.

Super Pet Travel is your go-to company providing door-to-door pet taxi service in the UK. Facilitating by-road transport, we tend to all your pet’s needs, from food, water, and walk to temperature-controlled vehicles and due medical care. We reach your location on time, pick up your pet, and deliver them to your specified location.


Best Pet Transportation Services

If you seek a pet courier taxi urgently, Super Pet Travel is your top choice. Our certified team espouses values we feel proud of:

Safety Is Our Top Priority

Safety is the primary priority of our experts. We provide you with the opportunity to track our location through GPS or directly communicate with the staff when transporting your pets. We ensure your trust, smooth experience, and contentment with us and our services.

We Are Cost-Friendly

While the cost will depend on the distance of your destination and the size of your pet, Super Pet Travel ensures an affordable pet taxi in the UK.

We Ensure Complete Pet’s Ease

From providing a highly comfortable carrier for your pet to ensuring suitable temperature, timely food, and due medical care, we tend to everything.  

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Why Choose Super Pet Travel

Super Pet Travel has been in the pet transport industry since 2008. We pride ourselves for:

  • Being a fully insured transport service for your beloved pets.
  • Being IPAFF registered and DEFRA-approved.
  • 24/7 availability and accessibility in any emergency.
  • Door-to-door pet-friendly taxis.
  • Excellent customer service with positive reviews.

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Yes, you can take your pet in a taxi in the UK. There is no specific rule, but it depends on the taxi driver. However, you shall choose a suitable pet taxi that does this duty for you.

The prices vary with your given location; generally, it can cost between £310 and £425 for an average to long distance.

A pet taxi gives transportation to your pet while taking due care of your pet’s needs; it is safer than local transport.

Usually, black cabs are more pet-friendly, allowing you to travel with your pet. If your driver is happy with your pets, that’s a good sign, and they will let your dog in their cab.