Travelling long distances with pets can beat many, given the stress of preparation and management. An underprepared journey may result in fatigue or physical injury to your beloved pet. That is why it is recommended to engage pet moving services since they are qualified specialists and equipped to deliver your pets over long distances.

Super Pet Travel is a fully registered pet courier service with over 15 years of impeccable customer service. Our services extend to every destination in the UK and Europe, including pet taxi from Calais to Folkestone. Contact us today to transport your pet to their destinations safely.

Offering Everything You Need for Pet Transport

Super Pet Travel is a highly experienced, DEFRA-approved pet transfer company. We are fully equipped and able to transfer your beloved pets safely through the Channel Tunnel. Here is why you should hire us:

Pet-Friendly Vehicles

Our fleet consists of specialised vehicles customised for pet travel over long distances and are maintained to the highest standard. They are air-conditioned and equipped with state-of-the-art navigation systems. Our vehicles are also customised to accommodate pet owners if they prefer.

Trained Animal Handlers

Our team comprises highly expert and licenced pet handlers with natural love and compassion for animals. They ensure to create a comfortable and friendly relocation experience for your pets, arranging for periodic pet walks and exercise and regular health checks.

Thorough Service

We offer a thorough pet transport service that encompasses all client requirements. Our staff will arrange for a pick-up from your doorstep and take care of any entry requirements at the destination. They also handle the logistics and accomodation, including pet-friendly hotels on the way for overnight pit-stop. 

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Ensuring a Successful Adventure for Your Pet

  • Our handlers are highly experienced and undergo an intensive background check to ensure the safety and care of your beloved pets.
  • We ensure your pets are well-fed, exercised and walked at regular intervals and that they experience a comfortable ride.
  • Our staff is resourceful and knowledgeable about all the pet-friendly accommodations on the way to make an overnight stop.
  • We are fully insured and registered and ensure strict adherence to all the regulations during handling and travelling with your pets.
  • We aim to provide an unparalleled pet animal transportation service, guaranteeing your pet’s well-being.
  • If you are a nervous pet owner, we are also offering a pet tracking option so that you can track your fluffy companion’s journey.

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Super Pet Travel is a leading pet courier company decorated with over 15 years of uncompromising services. We have all the accreditations required to transport pets from the UK to Europe via Eurotunnel. Contact us to plan your pet’s journey or get a cost quote for our pet taxi from Calais to Folkestone. 


Our pet handlers are highly trained and experienced in providing a safe and comfortable travel experience for animals. Furthermore, we also install a microchip in their collar for enhanced security.

Sedating your pet can bring about dangerous consequences and can compromise the health of the animals. Hence, it is not recommended by the experts.

There are a few tips that can help you with pet transport from Calais to Folkestone:
  • Ensure vaccination and travel precautions.
  • Verify that your pet is in good health.
  • Reduce its stress by creating positive associations.
  • Minimise the travel time to ensure its comfort.
  • Stay calm and composed because your pet reacts to your emotions.

Yes, we offer 24/7 services to cater to every unique travel plan of pet owners. You can contact us for more details.