Your Pet Deserves the Best

Super Pet Travel offers the service of pet taxi from Europe to the UK, providing the safest pet travel. Our specialists fully understand the importance of your pets as the most significant parts of your family, offering highly reliable transfers.

We tailor our by-road services based on the unique requirements of you and your pet, ensuring complete safety through experienced drivers. Your pets can enjoy a pleasant ride in fully equipped fleet vehicles having tranquil interior space with all the essential requirements.

Avail supreme convenience and comfort of door-to-door European pet transport taxi service with Super Pet Travel.

Why Choose Pet Courier Service?

Offering fully certified and licenced services to our clients at cost-effective rates, we provide you with the following advantages:

  • Our team experts help us meet pets' unique requirements during travelling.
  • Our specialists ensure to provide a smooth, safe, and secure journey to pets with utmost care.
  • We prioritise adhering to the highest safety protocols and offering secure transfers.
  • Our professionals ensure your pets’ well-being, offering guaranteed services.
  • We are available 24/7, helping you deal with emergencies around the clock.We have sufficiently ventilated carriers or crates with enough space to allow the pets to stand, turn around, and lie down.
  • We ensure to cater to your pet's unique requirements, providing the required assistance at every stage of the journey.
  • Our drivers are punctual, ensuring they reach the pickup location promptly.
  • Our fleet vehicles are well-equipped with a GPS tracking system, allowing you to seamlessly track the driver's location.
  • We provide regular updates by sending your pets’ photos during the journey, providing you peace of mind.

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Requirements for Pet Transfer to the UK

We help you with all the requirements and documentation needed for your pet transfer across the UK. The following are some of the essential requirements which need to be fulfilled while booking a pet transfer taxi:

  • Pet Microchipping (Identification)
  • Vaccination Against Rabies
  • Tapeworm Treatment (only for dogs) - must be administered before 24 to 100 hours.
  • Pet Passport
  • Health Certificate

Best Pet Taxi Services

Avail the DEFRA-approved and IPAFF-registered services for your pet transfers, whether for holidays, veterinary clinic, or relocation. Our licenced drivers ensure the transport of your pet to the desired destination most comfortably and safely with a luxury travel experience.

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We have specially designed taxis of different sizes to accommodate pets of all sizes, providing a comfortable and convenient traveling experience. Our taxis have all the required equipment for your pets safety, such as crates, harnesses, seat belts, etc. Moreover, we focus on ensuring the pet’s comfort by providing sufficient space for moving around, stretching, and relaxing while travelling in style.

Pet transfer service can be time-saving for you, offering direct transport of pets to the desired location. It eliminates the requirement of multiple transfers or changing transportation modes, making this service highly time efficient and relieving all the stress.

You should book a pet taxi almost 1 to 2 days before the actual day when you need to transfer your pet. It helps you avoid the risk of taxi unavailability and the hassle associated with last-minute, unanticipated circumstances.

Most taxi drivers do not allow pets to travel with passengers. Therefore, booking a professional taxi service with the benefits of comfort, convenience, and safety for your pet is always recommended.