Recognising that their pets may feel anxious during travel, a pet lover’s foremost concern is ensuring the safe and comfortable transportation of their pets. Considering these needs, Super Pet Travel, a DEFRA-approved transporter, stands as the sole reliable expert in the UK for a comprehensive and secure pet transfer.

For a licenced and experienced pet taxi in Leicester, your search ends here. Entrust us with your pet transport from Leicester to Europe. Our team of professional drivers ensures frequent comfort stops and provides nourishment to your pets throughout the journey, guaranteeing the highest level of care, including:

  • Walking Breaks
  • Medical Assistance
  • Comfortable Bedding
  • Regular Interaction
  • Temperature Management with an Alarm Indicator

Door-to-Door Pet Moving Solution

We specialise in pet animal transportation services in Leicester, providing 24/7 assistance for a reliable and stress-free experience. Our commitment includes:

  • Adherence to DEFRA Type 2 standards: We hold a Type 2 licence to offer you a customised solution for your pet moving, offering road journeys extending up to and over 12 hours.
  • Constant Communication and Comfort: Our dedicated pet courier in Leicester offers stress-free door-to-door services with GPS location updates and constant communication during a journey to ensure 100% comfortable travel.
  • Personalised Pet Care: Our experienced and IPAFF-registered specialists guarantee walking breaks in the journey, regular pet nourishment and medical care, and a temperature-controlled environment.
  • Cost-Efficient Services: We offer cost-efficient pet transport for all pets, ensuring transparency and the highest quality services.  

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Pet Travel Under the Law

  • Make sure your dog, cat, or other pets are microchipped before you enter or depart from the UK.
  • Ensure that your pet travels with a pet passport and health certificate.
  • Make sure your pet has received a rabies vaccination before travelling to the UK.
  • If your pet is travelling from a nation that isn’t ‘listed’, make sure they’ve had a blood test.

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For stress-free pet transfer in Leicester or to the entire UK, rely on Super Pet Travel. Our DEFRA-approved services guarantee comfortable stops, medical assistance, and GPS updates throughout the journey.

With 15 years of expertise, we provide door-to-door pet transportation, adhering to IPAFF-authorised standards. Book our service or visit our webpage for a free quote for a pet taxi in Leicester or across the UK.


The typical cost of moving a pet within the city is between £310 and £425 for long-distance delivery and between £138 and £270 for shorter relocation services.

To ensure your pet’s safety and well-being while in transportation, the UK has stringent regulations regarding pet travel. The following are the prerequisites in general:
  • Prior to travel, your pet needs to be microchipped
  • It is mandatory to obtain a health certificate for your pet and have a current pet passport.
  • It is necessary to vaccinate your pet against rabies
  • Prior to entering the UK, dogs typically need to receive a tapeworm treatment.

To ensure that your dogs and cats don’t distract the driver of the car, it must be adequately tethered. It is assumed that you will either employ a dog guard for the boot of the car or place them in a dog crate, pet carrier, or harness.