Pet taxi service provides an effective way to transport your pets, whether it is for a vet appointment or moving to a new home. Your fluffy friend will be chauffeured around comfortably while you focus on other important tasks.

Super Pet Travel provides efficient pet animal transportation services in Nottingham. Our DEFRA-approved specialists are highly dedicated to the comfort of your beloved pets, ensuring that they receive the utmost care throughout the travel. We aim to create a seamless and worry-free process for you, in addition to guaranteeing the comfort of your pet.

What to Expect from Our Pet Courier in Nottingham?

We at Super Pet Travel understand the importance and concerns attached to transporting your beloved pets, and we work hard to provide a safe, comfortable, and reliable journey.

  • Our specialists are committed to facilitating the highest quality service during the pet transfer from Nottingham to the entire UK.
  • We are a licenced and IPAFF-registered company, ensuring strict compliance with regulations and guidelines for the welfare of your pets.
  • We offer market-competitive pricing without compromising the quality of our services.
  • Our pet transfer in Nottingham can be availed 24/7. We are always just one call away in an emergency.
  • Our real-time updates regarding your pet’s location ensure your ease of mind. You can always get in touch with your pet’s driver in case of any queries.

Trust Us for Your Pet Taxi

Get in touch with us if you are looking for assistance with your pet transport from Nottingham to Europe or around the UK. Whether you require a quote or want detailed information about our services, our friendly team of experts is available 24/7 to fulfil all your requirements. Contact us to schedule your pet’s next trip.

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What Facilities will be Provided to Your Dogs and Cats?

We house an insured and secure fleet of vehicles to facilitate amenities that meet the highest standards. Our taxis are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and are designed to fulfil every need of your pets.

  • To keep your pets comfortable and calm, we are always focused on providing a secure and clean environment throughout the journey.
  • We provide several methods to keep your pet steady and secure, such as crates, harnesses or a cage. The mode is finalised according to the pet’s size and condition.
  • Our vehicles are equipped with a first aid kit, and our professionals are trained to provide medical aid in any emergency during the relocation to avoid any upsets.
  • We understand the individual requirements of your pet and tailor our pet moving services according to their needs.


The average price for utilising the services of a pet taxi within the UK is around £20 per hour.

To ensure the health and safety of your pets, we follow the below guidelines:
  • They need to be microchipped.
  • All pets should already have the required vaccinations.
  • They need to possess a health certificate for long-distance travelling
  • They must be checked for rabies or tapeworms

Some of the tips for selecting an appropriate taxi service for your pets include:
  • Ensuring the flexibility of their services.
  • Carefully reading the reviews.
  • Confirming their tracking system
  • Confirming the mode of transportation.
  • Checking the vehicle.
  • Asking about the previous taxi services.

The time for transporting your pet depends on the distance it needs to cover. It would take less time if your pet is travelling within the UK, and it would take several days if you are transporting across Europe.