Pet animal transportation can be a challenge, be it relocating, holidaying, or carrying them to a pet competition or veterinary care.

Place your pet in the right hands and give the best care your pet needs during transit. From assuring ultimate safety, convenience, and staff training to kitting out its vehicles with the latest tools and equipment, Super Pet Travel offers highly personalised pet services designed to ensure your pet’s ultimate comfort and safety, no matter the length of the journey.

We Want the Best for Your Pet!

  • We are among the highly acclaimed pet transport companies with a strong client portfolio.
  • We are insured and licenced, taking top safety measures during your pet transport in Birmingham and beyond. 
  • We take the most direct route to avoid inconveniences for you or your pet during the relocation.
  • We have all the protocols and measures in place, including suitable accommodation and highly trained staff, to guarantee the smoothest pet transfer in Birmingham.
  • We are DEFRA-approved and IPAFF-registered.
  • We have acquired travel crates and carriers that are spacious, adequately ventilated, and strictly adhere to transport regulations.
  • Our specialists guide you through the pet documentation and its organisation, easing your pet moving process.
  • Our drivers are in direct communication with you, keeping you updated with your pet transit.
  • We duly take care of any specific needs or requirements that may concern you, such as medication administration, certain foods, or behavioural management.

You can reach out to us 24/7 for your pet taxi in Birmingham.

How It Works?

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Deciding on the Crate or Carrier

We select the most suitable crate or carrier that will work best for your pet to easily sit, stand, or lie down.

Picking Up for the Departure

We dispatch our staff to pick your pet from the location and take them directly to the intended destination in a highly pet-friendly and climate-controlled vehicle.

The Transit

During the transit, your fluffy creature is dealt with ultimate care and compassion. From immediate medical help and socialisation to foods, water, exercise, and walks, we handle everything.

Relaxing Experience for All

For Our Pet Owners: We coordinate the entire paperwork and vet checks to get your pet ready to travel in the shortest time possible.

For the Pet: We deliver personalised solutions tailored specifically for your pet, from pick-up to drop-off.

Plan Your Pet Travel Right!

Get door-to-door service, guidance through pet documentation and organisation, and regular updates on your pet transit with Super Pet Travel. Working in the field for over 15 years, we have established ourselves as the leading pet transport services in the UK. 

Connect with us and pick the tailored travel solution designed uniquely for your pet. 


Super Pet Travel has experience working with all dogs and cats. We have found that anxious dogs also get calmer around us, given the extent of our staff’s experience in handling them.

Even during a days-long transit, there is no time when we leave your pet unsupervised. When an overnight stay is needed, we book our staff in an animal-friendly hotel, where they ensure accessibility to all pet amenities.

Given your valuable time, the fuel cost, your efforts, and the vehicle’s wear and tear when taking your pet with you, pet travel services certainly make sense and come relatively cheaper. Typically, the cost varies with the pet you own and the distance travelled

We are DEFRA-approved and IPAFF-registered, providing efficient pet transport from Birmingham to Europe for over 15 years now.

We are offering pet transfer from Birmingham to the entire UK.