You might need pet transport services if you relocate or travel to any tourist destination. These services allow you to safely transport your pets in a comfortable, stress-free environment. In this way, you can also save yourself from the hassle and worries of planning and travelling with your pet from one location to another.

Super Pet Travel provides clean, safe, and reliable services for pet transport from Europe to UK. We have certified and fully experienced drivers, providing bespoke pet transport services to several clients. We safely transport cats, dogs, and other animals and treat them in a highly friendly way, familiarising them with us quickly.

We Treat Your Pets Like Our Own

Our specialists are fully dedicated towards their duties; being animal lovers, they take excellent care of your pet’s needs.

  • We make regular stops on our way and take the pets for walks in secure areas away from danger and traffic.
  • We provide fresh water to your pets throughout the journey, keeping them hydrated.
  • Based on each pet’s unique nutritional requirements, we also feed them with the food you provide.

Fleet Vehicles at Super Pet Travel

Our fleet vehicles are fully licenced and DEFRA approved, equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, including a thermostatically controlled air conditioner/heater with extract system, UV windows, and non-slip, washable rubber flooring. The vehicles have twin side opening doors for your pet’s security and paw-proof mesh rear doors for easy access.

We have fully UV-tinted windows in our vehicles, which are used for European pet transport to ensure your pets are not directly exposed to sunlight, nor is their outside view obstructed. There are fixed and secure travel compartments and crates made from durable, washable polycarbonate with stainless steel to provide a safe environment for pets during transit.

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Moreover, the vehicles have night heaters to provide a warm environment all night during the colder months. We also provide a vet bed to your pet, preventing pressure sores during long travel distances.

Health & Safety Regulations for Pet Transport

Pet transport to the UK necessitates compliance with some health and safety regulations, such as:

  • A microchip should be implanted in each pet to fulfil ISO Standard 11784 or Annex A to ISO Standard 11785.
  • The microchip must be implanted in pets before the administration of rabies vaccination.
  • All pets must have a Rabies Certificate signed by the vet, and there should be a time difference of 21 days between the administration of the Rabies vaccine and the final health exam and endorsement.
  • Dogs are supposed to be treated for tapeworms within 120 hours of arriving in the UK.
  • Dogs and cats should be vaccinated against different diseases, such as Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus (DHLPP), Bordetella (dogs), Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia (FVRCP) (cats).
  • These vaccines shall be valid during import and administered at least two weeks before the export date to ensure maximum effectiveness.

We Cover All Parts of Europe

We provide pet transport services in all countries of Europe, including:

  • France
  • Germany
  • Finland
  • Norway
  • Italy
  • Poland
  • And many more ….

24/7 Pet Transport Service

We are an IATA-approved and IPAFF-registered pet courier company. Fully understanding the importance of your pets, our experts offer pet transportation and relocation services for all types of pet animals. We strive to ensure complete customer satisfaction, keeping you updated with the current location throughout the transport journey.

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After each pet is transported to the desired location, we thoroughly disinfect the pet areas with Parvo Virucide. We also wash vet bedding in a 90-degree disinfecting wash after each pet’s by-road transport.

GPS tracking is installed in all our vehicles so you can monitor the location anytime. Moreover, we also send photos and updates throughout the trip, providing you peace of mind.

Yes, our pet vehicles are equipped with various components that allow us to transport several types of pets, including cats, dogs, rabbits, tortoises, etc.

A pet transport service might cost somewhere between £500 and £4,000 based on the type of pet animal and distance of the destination from your current location.