DEFRA-Approved Pet Courier

Choosing a pet transportation service is a crucial decision since your pets are more than just animals - they’re part of your family. That’s why it’s essential to rely on specialists who can safely relocate your pet with proper care.

Super Pet Travel is your trusted partner for your pet transfer in Manchester. We are a DEFRA-approved firm providing 24/7 services for your pet transport, tending to all pets like dogs and cats.

Engage a Registered Pet Transport Company!

  • One of the great things about using our licenced pet moving service is that we offer door-to-door services. You do not have to worry about getting your pet to the airport or station.
  • We deliver personalised pet care, with our experienced staff ensuring your pet has a highly comfortable ride.
  • We efficiently handle the logistics of transporting pets, relieving pet owners of all the stress and worry.
  • Although the price will vary based on your pet’s size and the distance to your destination, Super Pet Travel guarantees a cost-efficient pet taxi in the UK.

Tracking Pet Transfer

Our specialist’s top focus is keeping your beloved pet safe. During your pet transport from Manchester to Europe, we provide you with the option to stay in touch with the team directly or use GPS to follow our whereabouts. We guarantee thorough services, a seamless experience, and your satisfaction.

Our certified pet taxi services in Manchester duly cater to all pet needs, including food, water, temperature-controlled vehicles, and medical care.

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Why Are People Demanding Our Pet Moving Services?

  • Ensuring secure transfers and upholding the strictest safety measures are our top priorities.
  • Our experts guarantee the welfare of your pets and provide dependable services.
  • We accommodate the unique needs of your pet and offer the help they need at every turn.
  • Our fleet cars come equipped with GPS tracking devices so that you can follow the driver around with ease.
  • We are here to assist you with emergencies around the clock.

24/7 Pet Moving Services

Take advantage of the DEFRA-approved services for pet transfers, whether for vacations, vet visits, or moving. Our certified pet transport in Manchester guarantees the ultimate comfort and well-being of your pet during the travel.

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Yes, in order to transport pets for economic purposes over a distance of 65 km inside, to, from, and across Great Britain, a valid transporter authorisation is needed.

For a long-distance delivery, the typical cost of moving a pet is between £310 and £425; shorter relocation services run between £138 and £270. In any case, give us a call to arrange for your pet’s door-to-door transportation if you’re looking for reasonably priced services.

A DEFRA Type 2 authorisation is the highest level of authorisation, allowing for pet transport up to and over 12 hours on the road.