Planning a long journey from the UK to Spain with pets, especially with dogs and cats, is not a cup of tea for everyone. You may not have a suitable vehicle and may exhaust or even harm your pet during your journey. That is why it is recommended to hire professionals that provide pet transport service UK to Spain. They have customised vehicles and professional handlers who ensure a smooth and relaxing journey for your pets.

Super Pet Travel is an IPAFF registered pet moving company that has been providing reliable and friendly services for pet courier to Spain since 2008. Contact us today to make a long, hectic journey comfortable and enjoyable for your pet.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Pet Transporters

  • We only hire experienced handlers after extensive background checks to ensure your pets are taken care of with love and security.
  • As a renowned pet transport company, we are IPAFF registered and insured, sticking to the regulations while handling your pets.
  • We provide you with peace of mind about the well-being and safety of your pets while being relocated.
  • We also provide a pet tracking option for nervous and anxious pet owners to track their fluffy family member’s journey.
  • We are knowledgeable about pet-friendly accommodation options on the way and can make the journey smooth and hassle-free.
  • We ensure your beloved pets are well-fed and comfortable and enjoy the ride in their customised vehicles.

Reliability and Assurance for Your Adventure

Super Pet Travel is a DEFRA approved and completely insured service, passionate about the well-being of your beloved pets. We make sure to comply with all regulations in the UK and Europe.

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Our Transport Vehicles:

  • Are highly maintained and serviced periodically.
  • Have a DEFRA type 2 licence.
  • Are equipped to travel with pets and their owners.
  • Are completely customised according to the job.

Our Staff:

  • Consists of expert animal handlers and pet lovers.
  • Is trained and resourceful to do the job.
  • Will never leave your pet alone anywhere.
  • Will exercise and walk your pets regularly.

Our Services:

  • Arrange pick-up from your location.
  • Take care of entry requirements at your chosen destination.
  • Arrange pet-friendly hotels for overnight accommodation.
  • Check for paperwork and logistics to ensure a smooth journey from UK to Europe.

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With a staggering experience of over 15 years, Super Pet Travel is your go-to service for pet transfer from the UK to Spain. Contact us to book our 24/7 services or get a no-obligation cost quote for your travel plans.

Pre-Travel Safety Tips for You

  • Ensure pet’s health and vaccinations, and take advice on travel precautions.
  • Create positive associations and reduce the stress of your pet.
  • Your pet reacts to your emotions, so stay composed.
  • Do not sedate without vet advice due to potential risks.
  • Minimise travel time for your pet’s comfort.


Yes, we can provide tailor-made travel plans according to your requirements. We ensure your pet gets its love and cuddles during the travel.

Yes, you can travel with your pet as well. However, the number of passengers and luggage depends upon the size of your pet. Contact us to discuss this in detail.

It is not recommended to sedate your pet because it may cause dangerous consequences. However, our staff is expert in pet handling and can calm your pet down if required